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The Mother Always Gets The Children First and foremost, parents do not have “rights” in relation to their children.  Parents have responsibilities.  The law presumes that parents have equal ...
The long awaited decision in Thorne & Kennedy has today been delivered by the High Court. Background The case concerned Ms Thorne an Eastern European woman living in the Middle East who, at 36 met...
The world we live in is fragile and subject to unforeseen and unfortunate events. It is a reoccurring nightmare of mine to think about what might happen if, for whatever reason, my daughter was no lon...

Most common Family Law questions

At Butlers, we understand the challenges our clients face. Divorce, Family Law matters and other legal matters can be some of the most stressful experiences a person will ever go through in their life. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality service and help our clients find confidence during such uncertain times. With over 80 years of combined legal experience we understand what our clients need. Whether you need simple one off advice, or assistance through complex legal cases, we offer personal, professional service to help you through this time.

What are the requirements to make an Application for Divorce?

What is the process for Divorce?

Can I apply for a Divorce Order if I have other proceedings in the Family Court?

How much does it cost, and how long does it take?

Do I have to attend the Divorce Hearing?

What if I continued to live together with my former partner after we separated?

What if I reconciled with my former partner for a period, during our separation?

What do I do if I cannot serve my former partner with my Application?

Can my former partner object to the Divorce?

What happens if a Divorce Order is not granted at the Divorce Hearing?

What does ‘proper arrangements’ mean in relation to children under the age of 18?

What if I have been married to my former partner for less than 2 years?

When will I be divorced from my former partner?

I have just been served with my former partner’s Application for a Divorce Order, but I do not agree with what is said in the Application, what can I do?

How much will a divorce lawyer cost?

How does divorce affect my Will?

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